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Video Practice Opportunities

Find a video clip in the carosel to the right. Try to choose a clip from a discipline that you have taught or have practiced. Then, watch the clip.

We encourage you to try several of these inquiry methods listed below to start conversations and practice recording observations.

  1. What do you notice? By yourself, or in a group, watch a clip and then talk about what elements of teaching and learning stand out. 

  2. One at a time. Think about the ways you and your community have defined quality. Ask different members in the group to be keen observers of just one element or dimesion of quality. Then, like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, have each person report what they observed from perspective they were asked to take.

  3. Record what you see. Take notes using the Running Record template. Then compare your documentation of teacher and student behaviors to those captured by an expert. An expert Running Record for each clip can be found in the Tools and Resource Library.

  4. What's not captured? After applying your definition of quality to the evidence captured in the running record, determine there is evidence without a home. Did you document behaviors in the video clip that you think are valuable but don't currently have a home within your tool.