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Written Materials

The best way to document instruction is to create a Running Record, or virtual transcript, of student and teacher activities, interactions, and conversations.  Noting what happens every two minutes enables us to answer questions about what happens in classrooms without manipulating the environment.

While there are less intensive methods of observation, the instructions and guidelines below provide a framework that any observer can and should follow.  To get started, review:


These resources will help you determine what to document during your observations.

Observation Packet Template
This template contains a running record, observation summary, program instruction record, and feedback for improvement form. It is a complete observation packet that can be customized as needed.

Running Record Template
This template can be used to document behaviors of instructors and students seen during an observation.

Observation Summary Template
This template can be customized to summarize an observed lesson.

Program Instruction Record Template
This template can be customized to segment and score an observed lesson.

Feedback for Improvement Template
This template can be customized to write thoughts on the strengths of the instruction as well as ideas about what investments could improve instruction.