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By samwilliamson - 12/17/2012 6:20 AM -
As we close in on the end of the first semester of the fellows program lets take a little time to talk big picture, however you best see fit provide a synopsis of the first half of your fellows experience. what have you learned? how have you benefited from your involvement? how are you a better instructor? how are you a better artist? whatever you want to write about, say something about what you've experienced and perhaps what you are looking forward to.
By samwilliamson - 11/19/2012 10:55 AM -
What are your thoughts about the Guild Conference? Which sessions did you attend and what are your thoughts about them? How did this event further your knowledge of the field of teaching artistry and how will you take these experiences into your future endeavors as a Big Thought Fellow? Long story short, however you best see fit, reflect on your Guild Conference experience.
By samwilliamson - 10/19/2012 12:11 PM -
The innaugural Big Thought Teaching Artist Fellowship Program is comprised of 10 community teaching artists committed to developing policy and professional practice that supports the growing field of teaching artistry. They will be led by renowned art educator Eric Booth, who will guide them in improving their practice, as well as learning to effectively mentor others.

This blog will represent their thoughts and experiences as they participate in the year long program. This will serve as a space for reflection, inspiration, and conversation. 

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