The afterschool hours provide a flexible environment where teachers and parents can flourish as mentors and instructors. For many teachers, the school hours simply don’t provide the hours necessary for in-depth instruction in certain areas for many students. With additional hours allotted, instructors can target the areas where students show the most promise or are experiencing the most difficulties and provide guidance which helps not only the students but the teachers themselves. Parents, many unaware how to engage in school-day learning, can use the afterschool hours as a safe, supportive environment to propel their increased involvement in the academic and social development of their child.  


The Thriving Minds Afterschool program relies on adults who care about children and their educational success. To that end, Thriving Minds seeks to provide resources and enrichment for all who play a role in teaching and learning.

For instance, we offer opportunities for adults who wish to continue their learning journey, providing financial literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses on school campuses so that learning can take place as a family experience.

Other volunteers can help tutor students throughout the week, with events like “Friday Read-Out” where adults read a book to children and follow up with interactive activities relating to the literature. By making afterschool a participatory experience for communities as a whole, everyone owns the educational outcomes.

Students who have access to smart, invested adults often mirror the  behavior of these role models  – perhaps explaining why teachers report better classroom behavior and higher homework completion for students in the Thriving Minds programs.