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Jennifer Bransom
Jennifer Bransom directs Program Accountability for Big Thought (Dallas, TX), a position she has held since 2001. She oversees major research and evaluation projects, and forges partnerships locally and nationally to develop educational resources for practitioners. Examples include the Creating Quality site, and the print and web versions of  Arts in Afterschool, an Instructor's Guide to Afterschool Training Toolkit.

She has co-authored several publications with Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf about the power of community members to evaluate and improve standards of quality based on commonly valued outcomes: More Than Measuring, “We Are Each Other’s Business”: The Place of Partnership in Smart Education Systems (chapter in City Schools), and 360 Degrees of Literacy.

Jennifer also speaks nationally about quality teaching and learning, evaluation as a learning enterprise, and creative capital (e.g.,

2012 American Alliance for Theatre & Education Conference, 2012 League of American Orchestras Conference, and Americans for the Arts ARTSblog).

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