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Big Thought is proud to announce the launch of its first Teaching Artist Fellowship Program. This Fellowship will be comprised of 10 community teaching artists committed to developing policy and professional practice that supports the growing field of teaching artistry.

This inquiry-based program has been designed to deepen knowledge and skills in each fellow’s discipline; improve their teaching and learning practice, as well as facilitate the mentoring of other community instructors through Big Thought’s established quality assessment system. Selected participants will be assigned to Big Thought after school programs where they will implement this professional training service through our practical and research-focused learning program over the entire school year.

My Comments

This was an inspiring day. This community has passionate parents dying to get all they can for their children, community centers doing all that they can to provide opportunity and resources, and various non-profits trying to provide educational services to the people of the community. Yet seemingly many of the hurdles they fight to jump over come from sources that ideally would not stand in opposition of such efforts. All cities wish to improve, develop, and expand, in ways that benefit their economy and status. But at what cost? Is this an example of oversight or apathy? The development of the Trinity River Bridge has done lots of positive things for Dallas, but in speaking with members of this community it is also encroaching on the culture of a cluster of neighborhoods who are reluctant to be bought out. All school districts want their children to succeed and their campuses to flourish. Yet funds dry up, some campuses crumble while others expand, students fall through the cracks and entire populations of students get underserved as teachers are overwhelmed and under-resourced. i am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. i do not pretend to have the answers to any of the above problems. However! in the people we spoke to all day Friday i see agents of change that could use some more help, someone to help them navigate the crazy maze or policy, resources, and funds that prevent them from getting all that they need to flourish. They lack no passion or drive; they just need some more foot soldiers. Opportunity knocks!

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