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Marcello Pope is a visual artist known for spearheading work that is both cutting edge and forward thinking. Born and raised in the great city of Fort Worth his initial plans after college was to be an entrepreneur running a local bookstore. Now he uses his educational background in entrepreneurship as a way to enhance his true passion in life which is art. As an artist Marcello feels a responsibility to educate and inspire others. For over ten years he has have worked in the nonprofit sector providing academic advising from the elementary to collegiate level. In addition to long days spent planning and painting, he stays occupied with his blog which gives insight into the life of an artist in a series called “The Life and Art of Rosie Lee”. Marcello lives by the mantra "draw from inspiration, paint with purpose, faith is my canvas".

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A defining moment for me in this Fellow program happened last Friday in the living room of Carmen Gonzales a mother, parent, and activist who resides in the heart of West Dallas. Carmen's living room served more as a classroom where parents spoke candidly about their trials and triumphs surrounding education but there was one particular response that resonated with me during our discussion. When the parents were asked about the gentrification happening in West Dallas due to the Margaret Hunt bridge one of the parents stated "the bridge goes both ways" it was during that moment I realized nothing else needed to be said only more bridges needed to be built towards improving education, race and cultural relations, and economic growth in West Dallas as well as throughout the Dallas community.

Blog Post Title: Re: Big Thought Fellows